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1:51pm 03-26-2012
Nancy Thatcher Cerny
Thank you for the lovely tour of your castle and your family history.
4:09pm 01-21-2012
Helene Cella
Love your informative site. Appreciate the visuals accompanied by the musical selections. Very touched by reading the Antony Thacher's letter to his brother relating the horrific tale of woe and the historic 1635 hurricane in his own words. My husband is related to Dorothy Jones, sister-in-law to your Antony Thacher. Enjoy returning to see the development of your site every now and then. Great job. Thank you!
7:28am 08-23-2011
What a lovely website you've created. These are my ancestors, too, on my father's side. I found your website while researching Powderham Castle. Thank you so much for sharing your photos!
11:53pm 08-12-2011
Joan Courtney
Hello Lady Katharine,
What a beautiful work of art your website is! I am fascinated by the Courtenay history and sincerely thank you for all the work you have put into this website... it is most helpful.
Joan Courtney
6:53am 07-27-2011
Mickey Thompson
Loved the site Katharine
3:26pm 04-25-2011
Jacqueline Mieras
Thank you very much. Since I cescend from Florence Courtenay, I was mot pleased for the wonderful information, including the preciouspictures. Jackie Mieras
7:44pm 03-28-2011
6:06pm 10-31-2010
guess again
i do love all the history and pics on this site
Messages: 16 until 30 of 23.
Number of pages: 2
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