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8:06pm 02-21-2021
Katherine Welder
I too, have this lineage, Hello cousin!!!
I reside in Florida, never been to Scotland/England but hope to!
Thanks for the beautiful web page.
6:39pm 10-14-2020
Jennifer Snow Colton
What a wonderful website! I am a descendent of Nicholas Snow and am glad to have found so much information on this page! I live on Cape Cod in Yarmouth.
3:37pm 11-24-2018
Darrell S. Thacher
My grandfather was William Fredson Thacher 1894-1976, my father was also named William Fredson Thacher, 1929-1979.

I own a painting of a 3-masted sailing ship. Also with a flag on the middle mast showing "Geo Thacher". The painting was signed by W. F. Bassett. On the back in ink is written

Mrs. T.D. Bartholomew
grandfathers ship,
Capt. George E. Thacher"

I'd love to send you a picture of the painting. It looks very like the one you have on your website, but with a different background of sky and ocean, but no other ships.

Darrell S. Thacher
11:49am 06-21-2018
Wendy Thacher Jensen
Great photos!
4:53pm 05-21-2017
Dougie Adams
Hi Katherine,

Greetings from Edinburgh (Embra). According to FTDNA we are 3rd-5th cousins. Tempting to see the link through my Reid heritage from Aberdeenshire - my gg grandmother was Catherine Reid. I'll browse around your website and see if anything jumps out. Anyway nice to say hello to a cousin who has Embra Castle on her website.

10:46pm 04-01-2016
Matt Reid
Love your site, Sis. So much hard work and research. very impressive.
9:42pm 06-24-2015
Jay R Thacher
Greetings Katharine,

It's amazing when studying one's ancestry where it leads to. So much history so little time. I wanted to let you know I am examining your website. You have done a very professional job in building it.

Thank you for contacting me Katherine. You've put life into words and picture.


Jay R Thacher
5:39pm 11-23-2014
Carl Eastvold
Also enjoyed the photos of Rhuddlan Castle - as my wife and I have a common ancestor in Elizabeth of Rhuddlan. I was unaware the castle was still in existence.
5:33pm 11-23-2014
Carl Eastvold
Anthony Thacher reunion on Thacher's Woe, very interesting! Will keep an eye on your site.
10:17am 04-18-2014
Greetings from a gedmatch relative. Enjoyed your pages very much.
11:01am 04-03-2014
Hello Lady Katharine,

Love your website! Very classy! What a beautiful work of art your website is! So informative! I defiantly will be back for a visit, because one can’t take it all in on one visit.

You ancestors seem to be my ancestors, too, on my father's side. I found your website through when you contacted me about Eleanor Cox (b.1760), she did not appear on my tree. I had missed her somehow. You alerted me and I founder her thanks for the heads up. Keep up this wonderful work.
4:18pm 07-17-2013
Matt Reid
Love your website! Very classy. I didn't know you could do this. Will you do one for the store?
2:20pm 08-29-2012
Ann Hansen
I'm sorry, it was so rude of me to ask an ancestry question before first letting you know how much I am enjoying your website. Every aspect of it is beautiful!
1:28pm 08-29-2012
Ann Hansen
I am also descended from William Brewster and Stephen Hopkins. Are either of these men descended from John Lackland Plantagenet? If so, do you know which line? Thank you.
Replied on: 9:47am 09-02-2012

I am not sure if Brewster or Hopkins are descendants of John Lackland Plantagenet. I will ask my brother, who has done extensive work on my family line, which is descended from Lackland. Please get in touch with me by email:

5:04pm 07-17-2012
Lori Thatcher
Hello from a Thatcher. Excellent website. Thank you.
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